6 Hectares Plot for Sale in Bucharest

The insolvency company Rominsolv is offering for sale a 6 hectares land plot for sale on Preciziei Street in the west side of Bucharest. On this land plot exist several constructions owned by the bankrupt Motor Transportation and Expedition Company (CETA), owned by the businessman Marius Cae.

“The entire asset is divided into three individual properties owned by three distinct juridical personalities (two of them are bankrupt), controlled by the same group – CETA SA. The property is to be sold as a unitary asset, but it can be sold individually in some degree. The starting prices for the bidding are about 9.5 million euro plus VAT for all three properties”, declared the representatives of Rominsolv.

The constructions include industrial halls of 10,600 square meters, an office building of 2,040 square meters and a workshop of 375 square meters. Among the assets offered for sale are also a cars inspection station, a cars service, car painting shop, parking lot and other facilities.

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