Oradea City

Oradea (Romanian pronunciation: [oˈrade̯a]GermanGroßwardeinHungarianNagyváradHungarian pronunciation:[nɒɟvaːrɒd], colloquially also Várad, former TurkishVaratYiddishגרויסווארדיין Groysvardeyn) the capital city ofBihor County and Crișana region, is one of the important centers of economic, social and cultural development in the western part of Romania, retaining these characteristics throughout history. 

Located on the banks of Crișul Repede river, that divides the city into almost equal halves, it is the gateway to Central and Western Europe. The city is located in the north-west of Romania, at the intersection of parallel 47 ° 03 ‘north latitude with meridian 21 ° 55’ east longitude.

Located about 10 km (6.2 mi) from Borș, the most important crossing point on the west border[citation needed] (withHungary), Oradea ranks tenth in size among Romanian cities. It covers an area of 11,556 ha.


The ethnic makeup is as follows:[11]As of 2011 census data, Oradea has a population of 196,367, a decrease from the figure recorded at the 2002 census.[10]


Oradea has long been one of the more prosperous cities in Romania. The per capita GDP of Oradea is approximately 150% of the Romanian average.[14] After 1989, due to its important base of consumers, Oradea enjoyed an economic renewal, not so much in industry but rather in the services sector such as trade and tourism.

Oradea has an unemployment rate of 6.0%, slightly lower than the Romanian average but much higher than Bihor County’s average of around 2%. Oradea currently produces around 63% of the industrial production of Bihor County while accounting for 34.5% of the population of the county. Its main industries are furniture, textiles and clothing, footwear and food processing. Oradea economy is sustained largely by small and medium business and the property taxes paid by citizens.

In the fiscal year 2012, Oradea had the largest budget in the Transylvania region, overcoming its neighbour cities, Arad and Cluj-Napoca.[15] Some large Romanian companies, such as Adeplast, RCS-RDS, European Drinks or FrigoExpress are located in Oradea.


The public transport network is run by OTL, a municipal agency. It is made up of three tram lines (1R, 1N, 2, 3R, 3N) and 17 local bus lines (numbered from 10 to 26), and an international suburban one to Biharkeresztes, Hungary. The city has four train stations: Central, West, East and Episcopia Bihor (Bihor Abbey). The West Station is located in the quarter of Ioşia, the Central station (called simply Oradea) is located closer to the city center, near the quarter of Vie, while the East station is located in Velenţa.

Oradea is served by Oradea International Airport, which has flights from major Romanian cities as well as some cities in northern Italy.

Metropolitan area[edit]

Oradea metropolitan area is a metropolitan area located in Western Romania, in the County of Bihor, Crişana Romania and was founded on 9 May 2005. The metropolitan area comprises the city of Oradea and 8 adjacent communes:

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