NEPI Boosts the Investment Profits in Romania

The South-African investments fund New Europe Property Investments (NEPI) reported for the first quarter a net profit of 13.3 million euro, 19% higher than in the same period from last year, of 11.2 million euro, according to a company report. The incomes from rents and other exploitation incomes have doubled to 19.8 million euro, from 9.9 million euro in 2013, according to the financial report sent yesterday to Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE). Read more

NEPI raised 80 Million Euro on Johannesburg Stock Exchange

The investments fund NEPI, who has reached now at assets worth over one billion euro and 90% of its portfolio is in Romania, has raised through a share capital increase, some 80 million euro from Johannesburg Stock Exchange in order to finance its investments. NEPI currently has under construction office buildings in Cluj and Timisoara cities, a commercial center in Targu Jiu and two other retail projects in Bucharest, and the cumulated value of the investments reaches at almost 300 million euro. Half of this sum goes to Read more