WDP builds 4M Euro Logistic Project in Ploiesti City

The Belgian real estate company Warehouses DePauw WDP builds 4M Euro Logistic Project in Ploiesti City from Romania, a logistic project of about 7,000 square meters for the Spanish hydraulics producer Grupo Industrial Roquet, and the investment budget is four million euro. The project is developed based on a long-term lease contract and the construction deadline is the first quarter of 2015. “In Romania, the economic rebound started in 2013 continues in 2014, with positive effects on the logistic projects market. we noticed an increasing interest from abroad for the Romanian market, stimulated by the available qualified work force and the small wages, combined with the improvement of the infrastructure. The activity will continue to focus in the West and the Center of Romania”, shows a report from WDP. EBRD bank announced in February this year that it granted a loan of five million euro to Grupo Industrial Roquet for building a factory in Romania, near Ploiesti City. The production should start in 2015.

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